Virtual Team Building Cooking Classes

Transform Remote Work - Unite Through Cooking
Foster Unity Spark Innovation Deepen Connections Ignite Passion

Interactive Culinary Team Building & Client Engagement

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Connections Beyond Work

Turn Remote Work Challenges into Opportunities for Connection and Growth

Feeling the gap in your team’s connection in a remote Zoom-Fatigued world?  Are the virtual walls of remote workspaces making it difficult for your team to cultivate a positive culture?

Having personally experienced this, we hear you! Our events are tailored for remote teams; they are more than just an activity; they’re a gateway to enhanced collaboration, and morale!

  • Elevated Engagement
  • Celebrate Team Value
  • Discover Live’s Beyond the Workplace

Streamlined Experience

Zero Stress - Experience Effortless Team Building
We Handle Everything
You Celebrate.
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Spark Creativity

Ignite Team Creativity in a Relaxed Enviornment
Share the Journey of Creativity Through Food
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Team Bonding

Forge Closer Connections for a Stronger, More Unified Team
Strengthen Ties With Culinary Adventures
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Participation Boost

Elevate Engagement - Events That People Actually Want to Join
Your Team Deserves the Best - We are here to Serve it Up!
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Virtual Team Building Cooking Classes

with Ingredients Delivered

Bridging the Gap in a Digital World

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Street Tacos & Margs


Master Mexican street tacos paired with the perfect margaritas in a fun, interactive class.

Q2 2024

Feature Classes

These are just a taste of the Many Options

Healthy Eats

Inquire for our dedicated healthy options brochure and explore nutritious and delicious recipes.

Discover our array of healthy cooking classes.


Italian Twist

Learn the secrets to crafting the perfect pizza with a twist - Fried!  From dough to delicious toppings, this is one all enjoy.

Chocolate Tasting Board


Decadent Discoveries

Delve into the art of chocolate tasting, exploring rich flavors and exotic origins.

Seasonal Charcuterie Board

Create an exquisite charcuterie board with the finest seasonal ingredients and expert pairing tips.

Turn-Key Experience

Transform Your Virtual Team Building
-Crafting Meaningful Events Shouldn't be Difficult. We are here to Ensure That-

  • Easy Promo & Registration

    Attract and excite participants with customized promotional materials designed to build anticipation and drive registration. Our efficient registration management ensures a smooth signup process for all, making it easy for your team to get started.

  • Pre-Portioned Ingredients

    High-quality pre-portioned ingredients are delivered to each participant, ensuring everyone is ready to dive into the culinary adventure without hassle.

  • Dietary Accommodations

    Every class can be adjusted to accommodate various dietary requirements. Just let us know during registration!

  • Diverse Culinary Exploration

    Explore a wide range of cuisines from Mexican delights to classic French cooking and comfort meals, enriching your palate and culinary knowledge.

  • Culinary Skills for All Levels

    Designed for beginners to seasoned chefs, our classes offer step-by-step guidance, ensuring a rewarding experience for everyone, regardless of their culinary expertise.

  • Dedicated Event Coordination

    From planning to execution, a dedicated coordinator ensures your event runs smoothly, addressing any needs or concerns for a stress-free experience.

  • Interactive Learning

    Engage with professional chefs in live, interactive sessions that encourage participation and make learning fun and accessible for all skill levels.

  • Free Shipping

    SMCo. ensures a seamless experience by offering free shipping on all ingredient kits. Additionally, we back it with our Ridiculous Shipping Guarantee!

  • Engraved Personalized Swag

    Enhance team camaraderie with personalized, engraved items that commemorate the event, creating lasting tokens of your team’s shared experience and unity.


Customized Event

Promotional Design


Shipping Guarentee

Every kit comes with Chef Selected Top-Quality, fresh ingredients that are pre-portioned (even down to the salt) in our eco-friendly packaging. Designed to generously serve two (or more for family classes).  Our kits make it a seamless culinary adventure. Learn more at How it Works

At Sweet Moments Co., we understand how crucial timely ingredient delivery is for your cooking experience. That's why we offer our Ridiculous Shipping Guarantee: if FedEx loses or damages your ingredients in transit, we'll reship them at no extra cost to ensure they arrive before your class. It's our way of making sure nothing stands between you and your culinary adventure.

With the Pre-Portioned Ingredients and Live Chef Instruction, our classes are designed to ensure everyone has a successful outcome. We also offer a range of recipes that require minimal cooking and can be adjusted based on the kitchen tools available, or can be performed at the office if required!

Our virtual cooking classes last between 60-90 minutes, but we offer flexible scheduling to fit your team's specific needs. We can adjust the duration to accommodate your agenda, ensuring the event perfectly complements your team's schedule.

Our virtual cooking classes can accommodate groups of various sizes, from small teams to larger corporate events. We use scalable platforms and multiple instructors if necessary to ensure every participant receives a quality experience.

Absolutely! We love helping you make your event unique. You can customize not only the menu but also integrate branded swag items such as aprons, cooking utensils, or recipe cards. These items can be designed to feature your company logo, making the experience even more special and memorable for your team.

Yes, each event is managed by a dedicated event coordinator who handles everything from start to finish to ensure a seamless experience. This includes planning, creating promotional flyers, managing registration, tracking shipments, and even hosting the Zoom conference. Our goal is to provide a turnkey solution that makes your event as effortless as possible, allowing you to relax and enjoy the experience with your team.

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Effortless Event Success

  • Turn-Key Service: Your Dedicated Event Coordinator has you covered, from promotional design to seamless registration to event hosting.

  • Customizable Menus & Dietary Accommodations: Our menus are crafted to cater to every dietary need, ensuring no one is left out.

  • Pre-portioned Ingredients: Ensures an inclusive cooking experience for all skill levels.

  • Guaranteed On-time Ingredient Delivery: Every participant receives their kit before the event, with a no-hassle overnight replacement policy for peace of mind.

Inspire Innovation Through Exploration

  • Interactive Learning: Discover the history and culture behind each recipe, encouraging broad thinking.

  • Drive Innovation: Reflect on how creativity in cooking parallels innovative thinking in business.

Cooking Together - Growing Together

  • Grow Personal Connections: Discover colleagues’ lives beyond the screen, from family interactions to individual passions. 

  • Cultural Appreciation: Exploring global cuisines together enhances cultural awareness and appreciation, adding depth to team bonding.

  • Continued Camaraderie: After the Chef’s instruction ends, we always capture a photo of everyone together with their creations. Then, participants are encouraged to stay online, savor their meals, and enjoy time together.

Enhanced Team Experiences

  • Tangible Engagement: Ingredient kits transform virtual gatherings into interactive, sensory experiences. Bridging the virtual and physical space for a personal connected experience.

  • Effortless Participation:  Pre-portioned ingredients means no prep work—everyone jumps straight into cooking, making participation easy and enjoyable for all skill levels.

  • Spark Joy: Interactive sessions encourage laughter and teamwork, creating memorable moments that participants eagerly want to revisit.

  • Inclusivity Guaranteed: Dietary-friendly menus ensure everyone’s included, fostering unity and appreciation within the team.