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Executive Chef & Owner

Therese Ludwig

With over 15 years of experience as a Chef, Culinary Instructor, and Entrepreneur, Therese has a passion for savory and sweet culinary creations. She grew up in the kitchen and fell in love with cooking at a young age. She has been an executive pastry chef at Troon Private Country Club; launched and ran her own Bakery & Bistro in North Scottsdale; and was a Chef Instructor at a local culinary school for 10 Years. Therese is now the Executive Chef and Co-Founder of Sweet Moments Company Virtual Cooking Experiences. She strives to stay relevent in the industry while sharing her passion for teaching through this unique and developing industry. Therese loves interacting with our growing community from around the world and can’t wait to create with her fellow foodies!

What is your Favorite Cuisine or Dish to Create? 
I LOVE Mexican food. I truly enjoy creating a wide variety of cuisines,but I have a very special place in my heart for classic French cooking and classic comfort meals.

Tell us Something Interesting about yourself?
I am a huge dog and animal lover! I have three very sweet pomeranians. Feel free to show me your cute fur babies during class!

Chef de Cuisine

Andrew Hills

Andrew is a Chef, small business owner, and instructor with over 10 years of experience in the culinary arts industry. The unknown beginnings of his journey started when he was young, helping in the kitchen at home. It wasn’t until High School that he discovered his passion for culinary arts. Andrew began to hone his skills and applied for a culinary scholarship through CCAP that landed him in a local culinary school. Professionally, he worked for a local restaurant in North Scottsdale for nearly 8 years. Andrew started that job as a Line Cook and worked his way up to Head Chef. Although he has admiration for both the savory and sweet side of the industry, his preference and skill sets are connected to savory dishes.

What is your Favorite Cuisine or Dish to Create?
I honestly love creating in the kitchen and working with a variety of cuisines. If I am creating a meal to enjoy with those I love, I am in my happy place. In the culinary arts field, there is never a cap on your ability to learn, which is why I love this industry!

Tell us Something Interesting about youreself?
I am an avid motorcyclist. I live in Arizona, and we are blessed with beautiful weather several months a year. If the temperature is below 100 degrees, you’ll find me on a bike!